L2 Chain Launch by Third-Party TON Team to Enhance TON Network

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In a significant development for the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem, a third-party team has announced the upcoming launch of an L2 (Layer 2) chain. This initiative is set to bring enhanced scalability, efficiency, and functionality to the TON network, promising to reshape its landscape and offer improved services to its users.

Understanding the Importance of L2 Chains

Layer 2 chains are secondary frameworks or protocols built on top of an existing blockchain (Layer 1). Their primary purpose is to increase the transaction speed and reduce the costs associated with transactions on the main blockchain. By offloading some of the work from the main chain, L2 solutions enhance the overall performance and scalability of the network.

The Vision Behind the L2 Chain for TON

The third-party team’s vision for the L2 chain on the TON network is to address current scalability challenges and open up new possibilities for decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. By implementing an L2 chain, the team aims to:

  1. Increase Transaction Throughput: The L2 chain will enable faster transactions, allowing the TON network to handle a higher volume of transactions per second (TPS). This is crucial for supporting a growing user base and the increasing complexity of DApps.
  2. Reduce Transaction Costs: One of the main benefits of L2 solutions is the reduction of transaction fees. By processing transactions off-chain and then settling them on the main chain, users can enjoy lower costs, making the network more accessible and affordable.
  3. Enhance Smart Contract Functionality: The L2 chain will provide a more efficient environment for executing smart contracts, leading to quicker processing times and more complex decentralized applications.
  4. Improve User Experience: Faster and cheaper transactions will enhance the overall user experience, attracting more developers and users to the TON network.

Key Features of the L2 Chain

The new L2 chain will bring several innovative features to the TON network:

1. Optimistic Rollups

The L2 chain will utilize optimistic rollups, a technology that aggregates multiple transactions into a single batch before submitting them to the main chain. This approach significantly reduces the load on the main chain while maintaining security and decentralization.

2. Enhanced Security Measures

Security is a top priority for the third-party team. The L2 chain will incorporate advanced security protocols to ensure that all transactions are secure and that the integrity of the network is maintained.

3. Seamless Integration with TON

The L2 chain is designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing TON infrastructure. This means that current TON users and developers can easily transition to the L2 chain without any disruptions or major changes to their workflows.

The Road Ahead

The third-party team is committed to a transparent and collaborative development process. They have outlined a clear roadmap for the L2 chain launch, which includes several key milestones:

  • Development Phase: The team is currently in the development phase, working on building and testing the core functionalities of the L2 chain.
  • Beta Testing: Once development is complete, the team will launch a beta version of the L2 chain for testing by selected users and developers. This phase will allow for the identification and resolution of any issues before the official launch.
  • Official Launch: Following a successful beta testing phase, the L2 chain will be officially launched and integrated into the TON network.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is crucial to the success of the L2 chain. The third-party team encourages developers, users, and other stakeholders to participate in the testing phase and provide feedback. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product meets the needs and expectations of the TON community.


The launch of the L2 chain by the third-party TON team represents a major step forward for the TON network. By enhancing scalability, reducing transaction costs, and improving smart contract functionality, the L2 chain promises to elevate the TON ecosystem to new heights. As the development progresses, the TON community eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this innovative solution.